The Fostering Network's recommended minimum allowances for 2015-16

The Fostering Network is recommending an increase of 1.8 per cent in fostering allowances for 2015-16. This is based on the most recent forecast rate of inflation for 2015 as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  
The Fostering Network’s minimum allowances for 2015-16 will therefore be as follows (the figures we recommended for 2014-15 are in brackets):
Outside London
Age 0-4 £142.86 (£140.33)
Age 5-10 £162.73 (£159.85)
Age 11-15 £202.58 199.00)
Age 16+ £246.44 242.08)
Inside London
Age 0-4 £167.67 164.71)
Age 5-10 £191.15 187.77)
Age 11-15 £238.04 233.83)
Age 16+ £289.06 283.95)

As usual, The Fostering Network recommends an additional four weeks allowance to cover the cost of birthdays, holidays and a religious festival.

We recognise that some services which broadly follow our recommended allowances do make some adjustments to local conditions or to specific individual needs such as exceptional transport costs.

Allowances and fees

Our recommended allowances are designed to cover the cost of looking after a fostered child, and do not include any form of fee for the foster carer.  Fostering services are reminded of the need to distinguish between the allowance and any fee payments in the overall payments they make to foster carers. The Fostering Network calls on all fostering services to ensure that allowances paid in 2015-16 are increased at least by the rate of inflation. 
The Fostering Network also encourages fostering services to raise fees to foster carers in line with the pay awards they make to staff.

November 2014