I feel a touch bereft this morning. While I know a number of you will be grateful for TV returning to relative normal, for me, the summer of sport so far has been incredible. Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix have come as standard, but this has of course been a football World Cup year. We’ve also had the Grand Départ from Yorkshire for the Tour de France, which was breathtaking. There is the small matter of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow so all is not completely lost.

Good afternoon everyone! We hope you're enjoying the sun where you are - whether that's in the garden with an ice lolly or preparing for the end of the school term before going away on holiday. A wide range of topics up for discussion on the community recently, here's just a few of the ones that have got you talking.


The Fostering Network occasionally receives poems, pieces of fiction and other work produced by young people in foster care. While we can't publish everything, we did feel that this piece from Danielle showed a maturity in tackling some very big issues.

This work does including content and themes which young readers might find distressing.

Danielle is only 12 years old, and this is her work of fiction.

Good afternoon! If you're a sporty person, I'm sure you've been enjoying the wealth of entertainment that's been on recently. The world cup, Wimbledon, and just round the corner - quite literally, it'll be going past my village - the Tour de France! If you're not a sporty person (like myself), well... at least the weather's good. Just remember to enjoy the sun safely, and there's sure to be plenty to do. As for those quiet, cooler evenings, why not catch up on what's been discussed in your friendly community?

I regularly receive emails from young people who are in care, or adults who have been in care system. I would like to say that these people emailed me to say how positive their experiences had been but sadly that is not the case, far from it. The majority of care leavers who have emailed me felt that they’d had a bad experience in care: let down by the system, their social workers, and even the foster carers who looked after them, whom they felt simply didn’t care.

leaving care

And breathe…  or maybe not if you’re part of the team processing enquiries, doing home visits and more. But this is a good thing. Hopefully you’ve achieved your expectations and received enquiries from people who could become just the type of foster carers you need. If not, get in touch and tell me why.

Good morning everybody! Who saw the documentary last night about fostering with Lorraine Pascale? There's a thread in the community talking about the programme, why not share your thoughts here?

Other discussions in the community over the past two weeks include:


Hello there, and good afternoon! I hope the week has treated you well, and put you in good spirits for what should hopefully be a nice weekend.

World events are now so accessible and immediate – coming into our homes through live television and the internet (as well as radio and newspapers) – it is as well to remember the impact that seeing a disaster can have on our children. At one time, before live coverage of world events, the most shocking pictures we saw were stills of starving children in Africa, usually shown to raise money for famine relief, which were shocking enough.

Although most of us would agree that feedback is an important source of learning, we often lack the time and space to truly establish a culture of constructive feedback giving. In the rush of day-to-day life, well intended comments can sometimes be misunderstood or misheard and lead us to become defensive rather than embrace them as an opportunity for recognition and learning.

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