Hello! It's time for your fortnightly roundup. A wide range of topics are under discussion, some of which are hinted at below, but many, as always, are not. Browse through the community and find a conversation that needs your help!

Good afternoon community members, how are things in your part of the world? Here in London the sun is shining, but there's a chill in the breeze and golden leaves have started to appear on the ground - autumn is definitely on its way. Another sure sign of autumn is the annual Fostering Network's Walk the Difference event - a 4km child-friendly sponsored walk along London’s beautiful South Bank for everyone involved in foster care. Will we see you there?


It's the second day of our annual Sons and Daughters campaign and it also happens to be National Poetry Day!

Our poetry and short story competition, for all children of foster carers who are members of The Fostering Network and the fostered young people who live with them, is accepting entries until 13 October.

There has been a lot of (horrific) news recently about children being groomed. I wasn’t sure if it was a subject I knew much about so I did some research. Grooming in this context is when an adult deliberately befriends a child or young person with the intention of sexually abusing that child, either for the abuser’s gratification or by trafficking the child into prostitution.

The need for foster carers for sibling groups hit the headlines this month, with a number of fostering services riding on the coat tails of the national story and getting some good coverage.  My eyebrows have just about sunk back to normal having read some of the stories and opinions. One in particular I feel compelled to comment on below.

You may have already seen the headlines, read the news, and bought the t-shirt, but I thought I'd post a quick note about the recent leak of Gmail account details. Here's one such headline and article about the leak from the Daily Dot:

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Our new edition of The Skills to Foster has been available for sale now for over two months. I’ve been talking with staff at fostering services to find out what they think of this new and rewritten edition. Read on to find out what Joan Frew from North Ayrshire Council thinks about The Skills to Foster- third edition 2014.

Good morning everyone. There's a chill in the air and school has started once more - autumn is definately on it's way. We hope back to school hasn't been too much of a culture shock for everyone involved and if school doesn't start again until Monday where you are that the last week of family freedom has been fun!

These are the conversations and discussions that have got you talking in the past two weeks.


Hello, and welcome to this fortnight's community round-up! Before I get started - are you in Wales? If so, there are six new member-only training courses ready for you to book. Take a look at our upcoming events page for more information. And now, back to our main event:

Next month sees one of the greatest migrations of young people across the UK as hundreds of thousands leave home to begin their university education. Empty nest syndrome is well documented, and many foster carers reference a quiet home, missing the hubbub of young people and, genuine quote, "someone to make me a nice cup of tea" as a reason to consider fostering! 

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