Easter time is always an extra special time in our household as it was Easter, thirteen years ago, we finally found out we could adopt Lucy (Will You Love Me?).

I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Love Cathy and family xx (

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I start this month’s blog the day after April Fools’ Day, so rest assured that this month’s AKC blog is wind-up free…although I'm sure some will beg to differ!

Preparations continue apace for Foster Care Fortnight™ 2014 as we source case studies for the online game and website. For your own campaigns, try to include those foster carers who really push the boundaries and challenge stereotypes. This will broaden viewers’ perception of who fosters, and help them to recognise the skills and qualities needed, which could encourage them to start their journey.

Hello hello! For some schools it's almost time for the Easter holidays, so best to make time for your online community whilst you still have some to spare. Other schools may have already started their break - in which case, I hope you are able to sit for long enough to finish this fortnightly round-up. As always, there are interesting discussions being had that are deserving of your attention, and, if you can, some participation.

A security flaw now known as the Heartbleed Bug, because of the specific feature it exploits (called Heartbeats), was discovered by the security community recently. In this post I will give a brief explanation and a list of some vulnerable sites that you should be aware of, but first, thankfully, I can provide some reassurance: is safe from the Heartbleed Bug.

A life story book contains a brief history of the child or young person, including any significant events. It is an ongoing piece of work while the child or young person is in care and should be started by the social worker as part of the care plan when the child first comes into care. But why do we need it?

Hello and welcome to another fortnightly round up of all conversations happening in the forum. 

A wide range of advice and information has been shared over the past two weeks covering everything from record keeping and therapy to restricting access to technology, so without further ado:


The success of the Fostering Network’s Don’t Move Me campaign means that 2014 will become known as a landmark year for care leavers across the UK. With children’s matters being a devolved issue, it has required separately-focused efforts in England, Wales, and Scotland to convince politicians of the merits of young people in care being able to stay with foster carers after their 18th birthdays.

Spring is definitely springing; seasonal daffodils and crocuses are out in abundance and the first weekend of sunshine brought with it the customary shorts and flip-flops combo throughout parks across the land despite the chill in the air.

Hello! The weather is perking up, the days are lengthening... Surely this must mean that the fabled 'holiday season' is almost upon us!

We are all familiar with the naughty step which may also be a naughty chair, spot, or corner. It is a designated area where the child is made to sit alone for a set period of time (usually one minute for each year of the child’s age), until he or she is ready to rejoin the family or group and behave. Many parents, carers, childminders and nursery schools use the naughty chair and find it works well. It allows the child to take time out to calm down and reflect on his or her bad behaviour.

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