Community guidelines

We love our online community, and we hope that you do too. To make sure that the community remains safe and enjoyable for all to use, we've come up with some simple guidelines:


  • be respectful - please don't use bad language or post anything that discriminates against others
  • keep confidentiality - the safety of children is a big concern for everyone, so let's keep them safe here too
  • proof-read your post - is that what you really want to say? Sarcasm, in-jokes and exaggerations can easily be misunderstood online
  • ask if you think you have misunderstood another person’s meaning
  • use Quick share for ideas, links and news that you want to show to the community. Feedback is always encouraged, but if you’d like to start a discussion on a Quick share post, please take it to the appropriate section of Conversations
  • stay within the law - please don't post any material that you don't have copyright permission for
  • keep private messages private - if you would like to contact someone directly, you can email from the email address you have registered in the community, quoting the person’s username and we will ask them if they would like to share their email address with you
  • contact us if you have any problems - you can start a Conversation in the Community feedback section or email us at
  • use the Report this post link that appears under each post if you wish to report unacceptable behaviour in the community, and let us respond appropriately
  • have fun! Talk about what you want, how you want to. There’s even a new ‘Social’ area, so not everything has to be about fostering.


  • name names or share personal information about anybody else - we want to hear your experiences, but honouring privacy and confidentiality is a moral and legal must
  • share more of your own personal information than you are comfortable with
  • be rude - discussions and differing opinions are welcome, but personal attacks are not
  • take things personally - discussions, disagreements and even arguments may occur. As long as there are no personal attacks, passionate discourse is welcome
  • post spam - any spam including advertising, chain letters and pyramid selling is not allowed and will be removed. Your account could be at risk if you repeatedly post spam
  • deliberately inflame or upset other members of the community
  • ignore etiquette - even in the online world it’s important to be polite to the people you’re discussing things with, and not to TYPE AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING.

So very quickly: have fun, and be kind!