Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight™ is the Fostering Network's annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering. It is the UK's biggest foster carer recruitment campaign.

Foster Care Fortnight 2014 will take place from Monday 12 to Sunday 25 May.

Can you guess who fosters?

What does a foster carer look like? Underneath the calm exterior, they may well have incredible communication, support and advocacy skills but thankfully more often than not, they're everyday Clark Kents or Diana of Themysciras with their underwear on the inside as opposed to displaying a super hero fashion sense.

And what does it take to be a foster carer? What skills and qualities are fostering services looking for in those who enquire so they can be assessed, trained and supported to foster some of the most vulnerable children in their area?

This year's theme for Foster Care Fortnight™ helps answer these questions and more by inviting members of the public to guess who fosters.

By turning the spotlight on current foster carers, fostering services can showcase and celebrate their expertise and help attract new people like them to come forward and enquire about being a foster carer to help reduce the shortage of around 8,600 foster carers across the UK.

Support for fostering services

The Fostering Network's Guide to getting involved contains some ideas for how you can make the most of this years theme both on and offline. Our guide to getting local media involved in Foster Care Fortnight™ 2014, Engaging with the media, is also now available to download. We have also produced a logo for Guess who fosters, versions of which are available by emailing

We will be celebrating Foster Care Fortnight™ 2014 across the UK with our individual country days, which were launched in 2013. These dates will be announced soon.

Social media and online will again be abuzz with content from the Fostering Network for you to share and retweet. The Twitter hashtag for this year's campaign is #guesswhofosters so be sure to include this in your tweets to be a part of our national campaign.

We have also produced an easy to use enquiry tracking tool to help fostering services specifically measure the impact of their Foster Care Fortnight campaign activity on recruitment. 

How can foster carers be involved?

Foster carers, you are the stars of the show! Your fostering service needs your help to show potential foster carers in your area what you do to provide the support, care and stability for the children in your care, and how they can be part of your local fostering community.

This could be a 'day in the life of a foster carer' diary, or perhaps in person at information stands and evenings throughout the fortnight. Get in touch with your fostering service today to find out how you can help and be a part of Foster Care Fortnight 2014.

Could You Foster?

If you are thinking about becoming a foster carer, the Fostering Network's website Could You Foster? provides lots of information on what fostering is and the type of children that need fostering.

Think fostering could be for you? There are many fostering services across the UK; find a fostering service near you to make an application or find out more about fostering in your area. 

Foster Care Fortnight™ 2013 - Get in the frame

Last year we invited people to get in the frame to raise the profile of fostering during Foster Care Fortnight™ in May 2013.

The fortnight was a great success, with over 1,000 pieces of media coverage, and hundreds of foster carers, fostering services, celebrities and politicians getting in the frame to highlight the need for around 9,000 new foster carers across the UK to provide loving and supportive homes for some of societies most vulnerable children.

Placing fostering services, care leavers, foster carers and their sons and daughters, as well as prospective foster carers in the frame demonstrates what it takes to be a foster carer and will help encourage others to start their journey to becoming one.

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