Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight™ is the Fostering Network's annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering. It is the UK's biggest foster carer recruitment campaign.

Foster Care Fortnight™ 2015 will take place Monday 1 to Sunday 14 June 2015. 

Please contact if you require any further information at this stage.


Fostering: make a connection

With over 63,000 children living with 52,500 foster carers in the UK, many people will be able to demonstrate their link to fostering. Family members, friends, neighbours or colleagues may foster, have been fostered or work to support children and young people in foster care.

This Foster Care Fortnight we are inviting everyone to 'make a connection' to fostering, to raise awareness and have a conversation about foster care.

Foster care is evolving. Foster carers are now widely seen as professionals within the team supporting children in care, children with increasingly complex needs. As such, foster carers' skills and competence levels are expanding, with innovative programmes such as The Fostering Network's Head, Heart, Hands programme developing our approach to foster care. 

Foster carers' role in the recruitment process has been established for a long time, 'word of mouth' regularly being referenced as a primary reason for an applicant choosing a specific service. Our understanding of current foster carers values and motivations reported in Why Foster Carers Care demonstrates their desire to make a difference, advocate on a young person's behalf, discuss and be involved in the key decisions affecting the lives of children in their care.

As reported in the Fostering Network's Combining fostering with other work  business also has a role to play in raising awareness and facilitating foster care, not least through the development of foster family friendly policies.

This year's theme has great potential to work on many different levels. How you make a connection is up to you! To support the decision making process, The Fostering Network will be running workshops for fostering services in the new year to share and generate ideas on how to tailor this year's theme to meet local needs. Book your place today.

We will also be posting content on social media throughout the fortnight of how we and others are connected to fostering. Please join in using #FCF2015. 

Foster Care Fortnight

The Fostering Network's Foster Care Fortnight™ campaign regularly generates over 1,000 pieces of media coverage across the UK, highlighting the role of foster carers and the need for more people to come forward, supported by fostering service's local campaigns. We are fortunate to receive celebrity support for the campaign, including from Lorraine Pascale, who was fostered as a child, and son of foster carers Gareth Gates. 

Foster Care Fortnight™ is often a trigger for someone to make an enquiry to a fostering service. We have produced an easy to use enquiry tracking tool for fostering services to download to help specifically measure the impact of their Foster Care Fortnight campaign activity on recruitment. 

Could You Foster?

If you are thinking about becoming a foster carer, the Fostering Network's website Could You Foster? provides lots of information on what fostering is and the type of children that need fostering.

Think fostering could be for you? There are many fostering services across the UK; find a fostering service near you to make an application or find out more about fostering in your area.