How your support helps

Thanks to your support, we can be there to make sure every fostered child has the best possible chances in life, by helping them and the families looking after them.

Fostered children need stable and secure homes and good quality care to give them the best possible chances in life. In order to achieve this your support helps make sure that children and young people are placed with a foster carer who has the skills and experience to meet their needs.

  • We develop training and publications
  • Our helplines around the UK provide vital support and information at a time when it is needed the most
  • We work developing and supporting Foster Care Associations, so foster carers can support themselves in the local community and give them a voice with decision makers
  • We campaign for change, including the recent success in changing the law so children in foster care in England, Scotland and Wales can stay with their families until they are 21, instead of being forced to leave by their 18th birthday.

We're there so young people like Clare can have a better start:

I was two when I went into care because my mum couldn't look after me properly. Over the next five years I was moved 42 different times. By the time I was eight, I went to live with the foster carer, who I now consider as my mum, but I never got over the trauma of those early years. I felt so ashamed at school because of where I had come from. I was different from everyone else and was so alone.  I even had to pretend to friends I was living with my aunt.  When I was just 10 I was told that by the time I was 14 I would be pregnant and on drugs.  I found stability with an amazing foster carer, but I’ve met far too many other kids who weren’t so lucky and have ended up in the position I could have been in. That's why it's so important to support the Fostering Network, so they can be there to help kids like me and the famlies that look after us.

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