How your donation can help

Here are three ways your support helps us make foster care better for children

Getting the right foster carers in place and ready for children who come into care in need of a foster home

  • Our Foster Care Fortnight campaign reaches audiences in their millions each May and gets people to think about offering a foster home.
  • All year round we help fostering services recruit new foster carers locally and give information, advice and support to prospective foster carers.

Ensuring children in foster care get the same opportunities in life as their peers

  • We are working with government and our members to resolve problems that currently mean children are missing out on school trips and sleep overs at their friends’ houses, having their hair cut and in extreme circumstances delaying medical treatment. 
  • We give advice, information and training to improve decision making processes in foster care and our working with our members to get the balance right between keeping children safe and allowing appropriate risks.

Working to ensure our 56,000 foster carer members are better informed and have access to the support they need in their roles

  • Our members are at the frontline of caring for vulnerable children. 16,000 of them turn to our telephone helpline services each year for help, advice and support in their work.
  • Our projects across the UK give them a chance to meet, provide peer support and gain valuable new information and skills.
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