The Skills to Foster

In-house or at a venue of your choice


The Fostering Network can run the definitive pre-approval course for foster carers in-house for your fostering services using our Skills to Foster materials.

The course provides fostering services with flexibility in their recruitment process and is run by the experts who developed the materials.

This course is aimed at Foster carers at pre-approval stage (including those who are prospective or transferring agencies)

Learning outcomes

The Skills to Foster is the leading pre-approval training course for prospective foster carers in the UK.

The Skills to Foster focuses on preparing participants for fostering, ensuring that they know what it will mean for them.

The standard pre-approval training course is divided into seven sessions covering core skills and knowledge:

  • What do foster carers do?
  • Identity and life chances
  • Working with others
  • Understanding children in foster care
  • Safer Caring
  • Transitions
  • My family fosters (workshop for sons and daughters of foster carers to explain what foster care is and what it will mean for them).

Why use The Skills to Foster approach?

We believe The Skills to Foster Assessment is the best approach to assessing potential foster carers. The approach has the following benefits:

  • Using this approach will ensure consistent, high quality assessment of potential foster carers
  • The process is fostering specific, placing emphasis on duties particular to foster care, ensuring applicants have an adequate support network and making provisions for the sons and daughters of foster carers.t actively involves the applicant, making sure they are aware of what being a foster carer involves and how they can be a positive role model for the children and young people they look after
  • It is easy to use and easy to adapt and customise to reflect your recruitment process and needs.

By using both The Skills to Foster: preapproval training and the assessment process to assess your foster carers, we estimate that you can provide evidence for over 70 per cent of the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care.

Featured publication

The Skills to Foster, 2nd edition.

Meet the trainers

Your trainers for this course are Diane Heath and Joanna Adande.

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